June 7 - 10, 2012

For Womyn and Gyrls Only
Where Womyn Gather invites you and your daughters and granddaughters to witness and participate in the special empowerment that results from the energy created in a womyn-only space. We believe that a womyn-only / gyrl-only environment is crucial as we seek deep levels of collective healing and re-naming.
North        Earth         Mother
Where Womyn Gather 2012 will be examining the element Earth, the direction of North and the archetype of the Goddess will be Mother.  The Lakota Inipi SweatLodge, Red Tent, and SacredFire await you. You are invited to participate in Drumming and Singing Circles, Experiential Workshops and Enthralling Rituals. There is Gyrlspace for the young and a Marketplace for all to enjoy the creations of craftswomyn.
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